The book was written as a result of many years of experience in GP. I could see the way in which the NHS often let women down and I wanted to protect patients from the system.

It is about what causes illness and how we react to stress and how doctors have such a narrow view of patients now. If they do not understand patients, why not?

There are 15 chapters covering the problem of looking at the patient in smaller and smaller parts which are never joined up to see the whole person. The physical side of illness, symptoms, are never looked at with the background of emotions and stress which makes people individuals who show their symptoms in an individual way. This is the way that homeopathy looks at a person. You might have an asthma clinic but all the patients have in common is the asthma. Everything else about them is individual, which medicine ignores.

Medicine also mostly ignores nutrition and leaves patients to look after themselves with diet. This is how parents of autistic children were able to start to help their children. It took 70 years after its discovery for doctors to “believe” in the biome because it was first described by a homeopathic doctor, as was hay fever!

In the town in which I live I belong to my local U3A and a lot of the members used to be my patients. I hear what is going on in my old practice from them. There is hardly a day goes by without me advising someone about something. I keep telling them that it is all in the book! Those people that have already read it say that they agree with everything I have written and have bought copies for friends and family, particularly those with mental health problems which are so badly managed by the system.

A happy doctor is a good doctor, which makes patients happy.